Stop dating cheaters

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He'd been bumped from first class, where he usually sat, which is why he was flying coach.Following the Ashley Madison hack, it seems like everyone is cheating.When you catch a friend violating the trust of the relationship he or she is in, is it your responsibility to tell?It may be tempting when you know about an indiscretion not to tell.

"When I was in college, I dated a guy for two years who said he wasn't comfortable with the boyfriend' label.Your friendship instincts probably scream out “Protect Mike!These days, stories about cheating, from casual one-night stands to full-blown emotional entanglements and second families, are not uncommon.It's easy, especially in today's society, to try to meet those needs in the wrong places." "Let's set aside mental issues and pathologies and deal with 'normal' people reasons.My top two reasons are, first, you aren't getting the things you want out of a sexual relationship and you go elsewhere.

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