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I tweet updates about the location of the bus from time to time. You should because Verve card has a mobile bus going around Lagos, if you spot the bus and take a selfie with it you win 1000 recharge if you tweet it at me @Sisi_Yemmie or them @Verve Card! Also are you following the #Shop Small Win Big hashtag on twitter? Lately I’ve been calling Bobo Uncle Yomi, reminds me of those older couples that call their husbands “Daddy, Daddy Kinikan” and the man too will call his wife “Mommy”…is that romantic? Before I forget, the first to leave a "meaningful" comment wins airtime recharge oh so make sure you hurry to the comments section.”…well, I can think of a very smart retort but I shall not sweat it. I tatafo’d to his desk the other day and I saw a box of very yummylicious looking cupcakes, with a note on it: signed, sealed delivered by his babe.When I mentioned how nice she was he proceeded to tell me some more romantic things she does for him, so if you’re one of those unromantic Naija babes and you want to learn, take notes! Tweet Surprise Him: By surprise I’m talking pleasant surprises, not the “I can’t find my period “ surprise, you better look for where you kept it. Those impromptu things are very nice, imagine how he will feel if you surpised him with lunch at work and a beautiful note…All you need is a Computer and Internet connection, and this you can do using your mobile phone, 2-hour browsing each week in a cybercafe is enough to get you started, after you have made some few bucks, get your own computer and start fully.The most exciting part is that, age, sex or location is never a barrier, once you are interested in taking part, YOU ARE GOOD TO GO !

how can I when it started raining heavily on Saturday morning?Then she beckoned for us to come through a side door. We slid in and madam bounced down the wooden stairs.I may have been the tallest but I was the youngest so my other friends went to sit close to her.She asked if we had any money and they surrendered the five N1- notes we had contributed to play Mortal Kombat 2.She rolled the money in one hand and whipped out a breast with the other.

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Why not buy him a lovely scented perfume, just because. Take Him Out: Yes, he cannot be the one taking you out every day, kilode?!

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